Bhoof Bit 2 is double jointed and designed with smooth joints that are gentle and keep your horse’s mouth relaxed. The bit is slightly curved forward, which helps your horse move ahead easily and keeps their tongue comfortable, avoiding too much pressure.



  • Single or double jointed.
  • Slightly curved forward to support the movement and placement of tongue.
  • 100 percent titanium.
  • A hybrid between fixed and loose rings.

“This is a comfortable and lightweight bit, with its Baby Fulmer ensuring a soft fit against the horse’s corner of the mouth while still being flexible in the rings. All Bhoof bits are crafted with 100 percent titanium.”  

Peder Fredricson


Clean with water or soap and then wipe with a towel or paper.

Choose the single-jointed version for even softer contact with your horse. If you need more flexibility and want to lessen any stiffness, the double-jointed model is a great choice.


A hybrid between fixed and loose rings. Baby Fulmer sidepiece strikes a perfect balance as it stabilizes the mouthpiece, providing framing for the horse, while the rings maintain alertness without causing the horse to bear too much weight on the bit.

Crafted from 100 percent titanium, this bit offers a lightweight and responsive feel, unlike heavier materials. Titanium’s tastelessness and ability to adjust to the mouth’s temperature make it a horse-friendly material, ensuring non-allergic and highly appreciated use.

Single Jointed