Driven by improvement. 
Defined by performance.

The journey begins in 1992, during Peder’s first Olympic game in eventing with his horse Hilly trip. Faced with the challenge of enhancing the performance of his small thoroughbred mare, Peder took a unique approach. To save Hilly’s energy for the cross-country course, Peder chose to run beside her instead of riding her during the roads and track phase.  Struggling with uncomfortable riding boots during this process, he went to a local cobbler and designed a pair of sneakers inspired riding boots that were comfortable for both running and riding. Peder also set out to strip off all unnecessary weight from his and Hilly’s equipment to provide maximal support and comfort for the little mare during the tough competition. As an example, he used an old sleeping mat cut into a saddle pad instead of a heavy gel pad. The idea for lighter and more comfortable competition equipment was born. 

Equestrian sports and the products used are based on strong traditions built over centuries. Bhoof aims to harness this valuable tradition and integrate it with new design and materials to create comfortable, safe, lightweight next-generation equipment for both horse and rider. The goal is to create optimal conditions that enable the horse and rider to perform together at the peak of their potential.

Bhoof’s core values are embodied by its founder and showjumper Peder Fredricson, his long career and  philosophy, characterized by his respectful approach to his horses and his passion for competition which has grown into a combination of horse welfare and high level sport. Bhoof is Peder’s way of realizing his ambition to improve his sport by being a driving force of combining horse welfare and high level equestrian sport for the future.

Peder Fredricson 

Bronze in the World Cup final.

Team Gold World Championships.

Ranked no. 1 in the world.

Individual Silver and Team Gold Olympics 2020.
Svenska Dagbladet Achievement Award (Bragdmedalj).

Bronze in the World Cup final.

Team Silver World Championships.

Individual Gold and Team Silver European Championships.
Named Best Male Athlete (Jerring Prize) 2016 and 2017.

Individual Silver Olympics.

Team Silver and 4th individually Olympics.

Individual gold and team silver at the Junior European Championships eventing.