Committed to an improved equestrian sport, we extend beyond producing quality equipment to actively promote environmental responsibility.


We work closely with top factories in France, Italy, Pakistan and India, prioritizing ethical production methods and environmental responsibility in line with our code of conduct. Despite being a newer brand, our goals are ambitious – we aim to contribute to a more sustainable equestrian industry by crafting durable products. 


Efficient packing is significant to our operations, utilizing available space fully while using environmentally friendly materials and FSC-certified boxes for sustainable shipping.  

To encourage thoughtful purchasing decisions, we do not provide free return shipping. Instead, we focus on offering detailed size guides and recommendations, reducing unnecessary exchanges and returns. Our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction while prioritizing sustainability and responsible consumption.


We are inspired by like-minded companies dedicated to ethical practices and sustainability. When engaging in collaborations, we carefully select partners that we believe share our commitment to horse welfare, ensuring that together, we can create something extraordinary. Moreover, we firmly believe in supporting other responsible companies that align with our values and strive for impactful causes.  


Our timeless products, crafted for long-lasting performance, showcase the finest leather available—100% vegetable-tanned. Learn more about the vegetable-tanning process here. This method prioritizes gentleness towards humans, animals, and the environment, avoiding harmful substances in contrast to chrome tanning. Utilizing natural materials like tree bark, and vegetable tanning infuses our leather with character and individuality.


The environmental footprint of our products extends beyond production to their everyday usage. Kindly refer to our care guides for proper maintenance.