Bhoof Bit 3 is designed with a vegetable leather cover to encourage contact and stability. This is recommended for horses that do not naturally seek support on the bit. The leather is thin; horses that chew a lot on the bit can damage the leather after just a few uses. Its smooth joints are gentle, ensuring your horse’s mouth stays relaxed. The slight forward curve aids your horse in moving forward easily while maintaining tongue comfort and avoiding too much pressure.



  • Slightly curved forward to support the movement and placement of tongue.
  • 100 percent titanium and vegetable tanned leather.
  • A hybrid between fixed and loose rings.

“Bits should be comfortable for the horse’s mouth. This bit is a good every day and competition bit that pairs well with our bridles. If you have a horse that does not support the bit, choose this one with a leather cover, which is softer and invites the horse to seek more support.

Peder Fredricson


The leather section can be washed in tepid water and wiped with a towel or paper; it may need to be treated with paraffin oil when it feels dry and flaky. Use a soft sponge and clean around the seams.

For minor tears in the leather, they can be sanded with fine sandpaper to smooth out any edges. If the leather develops deeper bite marks and begins to split, the leather should be cut away and the bit can be used without leather.

A hybrid between fixed and loose rings. Baby Fulmer sidepiece strikes a perfect balance as it stabilizes the mouthpiece, providing framing for the horse, while the rings maintain alertness without causing the horse to bear too much weight on the bit.

100 percent titanium with vegetable tanned leather.
The leather promotes a positive response to the bit, encouraging the horse to comfortably accept and grip the bit.

NOTE! The leather material is not suitable for horses that chew a lot on the bit. The bit is therefore not covered by warranty or right of complaint if the damage has occurred due to the horse biting the bit.