The Bhoof Safety Vest 1 is secured to the saddle by a safety line that will be released and quickly activate the vest by a gas cartridge in case of a fall. The airbag vest protects the torso, back, neck, spine and chest. Use the vest for a daily protection on top of your jacket. Delivered with CO2 gas cartridge, arming key, connection strap and connector cord. When the gas cartridge has been used, simply replace it with one of the same size. One gas cartridge is included with the vest.

Includes a washable mesh bag for storage, preserving its condition over time.

The Bhoof Safety Vest 1 complies with the NF S72-800:2022 standard for riding airbags and holds the CE certification from the ALIENOR CERTIFICATION laboratory, assuring optimal safety and quality. Suitable for riders weighing at least 25 kg.



  • Lightweight design for high-performance.
  • Comprehensive protection for vital areas.
  • Quick system activation time (140-248 ms).
  • Technical stretch fabrics and mesh cut-outs for ventilation.
  • Slim fit adaptable to various riding clothes.

“A safety vest must be functional and safe, but also lightweight with an optimal fit that is flexible and do not disturb me when riding.”

Peder Fredricson


  • Store the airbag vest in an environment below 45°C to prevent gas cartridge explosion.
  • Hang the vest when not in use and store it in Bhoof meshbag. Avoid damp, high-temperature environments.
  • When the gas cartridge has been used, simply replace it with one of the same size.
  • Single cartridges will be available to purchase from Bhoof starting mid-April.
  • Regularly inspect the Bhoof Safety Vest 1 for optimal condition. Conduct an annual check for proper functionality. Verify the safety line is securely fastened during use.

  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Wipe the vest with a lightly damp cloth and air dry on a hanger.
  • Do not wash, bleach, tumble dry, dry clean, iron, wring, or line dry/hand dry.
  • If you identify issues like damaged jacket or lining, deteriorating tube or cartridge, visible rust, or signs of wear on the safety line or components, contact Bhoof’s customer service for exchange or repair.

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