Bhoof high-performance eyewear with a photochromic lens is a bio-based innovation. It features Zeiss-quality lenses for superior vision. The Photochromic lens adjusts its tint to varying light conditions during outdoor activities.

The adjustable temples, ensures a customized and secure fit to your head while riding. This slim eyewear seamlessly fits with Bhoof helmets and is designed for long hours of active use, whether inside or outside the stable.

Weight: 40 grams




Bhoof Slim Eyewear 1 features a photochromic Zeiss lens for adaptable coverage in all conditions and protection against UV light, harsh weather, and dust. Ensuring a comfortable and optimized fit, making them the ideal choice for all equestrians.



  • Photochromic lens from Zeiss that adjust its tint to varying light conditions during outdoor activities. Provides UV protection and maximum clarity in all conditions.
  • Impact-resistant lens that is exchangeable.
  • Adjustable rubber temples for a comfortable fit around the ears, ideal for use with helmets and accommodates various head sizes.
  • Experience clean, sharp vision in all conditions with Ri-Pel: an advanced hydrophobic, anti-scratch lens coating.
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads for optimized fit on-the-go.

“These are lightweight and comfortable, and the fit can be adjusted both behind the ears and over the nose for optimal comfort. They also complement the helmet well with their shape. “

Peder Fredricson


This product is equipped with a Zeiss Photochromic Lens, which adjust its tint to varying light conditions during outdoor activities. In the S3-S0 range, these lenses smoothly adapt from bright sunlight to dim environments, eliminating the need for lens switching depending on the weather. They are made with a UV reactive dye to darken under sunlight and lighten in lower UV conditions. Beyond adaptability, they offer robust UV protection, crucial for athletes exposed to prolonged sunlight that can harm the eyes.

For those seeking versatile eyewear, especially for outdoor sports, considering photochromic lenses is a smart choice due to their adaptability and UV shielding.

  • Category: S3-S0.
  • VLT: 10-80%.
  • Conditions: Variable conditions.

Dimensions: 144mm x 55 mm. For customer reference only; not for optical prescriptions.

Store your eyewear in Bhoof’s hard case for protection. When polishing, use the provided textile bag with a gentle touch. Be careful while polishing the inside, as it contains fog protection.