Bhoof’s elastic breastplate, where every detail is carefully designed. Including a martingale crafted from natural tanned leather. It is designed to give the horse flexibility and freedom of movement when using it. This breastplate provides numerous adjustment possibilities with additional holes on all parts. It is designed for easy attachment, featuring detachable ring components that snap on swiftly.

Weight: 620 grams




Bhoof Breastplate 1 is designed with slightly smaller martingale rings to prevent them from sliding up on the reins. The rings feature a novel quick-snap design, easily attaching to the reins.

The breastplate is padded for comfort on the front pressure points. The use of lightweight, high-quality leather ensures that it molds gently around the horse’s body for added comfort. Includes a washable mesh bag for storage, preserving great condition over time.



  • Padded only on pressure points to minimize weight.
  • Multiple loops on the girth strap for optimal adjustment.
  • Quick-snap rings.
  • 3-point elastic breastplate for freedom of movement for the horse.
  • Removable ring parts.

“For me, a breastplate should be elastic to flex well and provide the horse with freedom in the shoulders when jumping. The side buckles are positioned higher to avoid interference where the horse moves the most.”

Peder Fredricson 


We recommend applying leather conditioner or balm before the first use. Repeat with leather conditioner as needed if the leather feels dry.

Do not use oil as the leather already contains high levels of natural oils.

After each use when cleaning the leather, use a damp cloth or sponge with only water to remove dirt and sweat. Soften it with high-quality leather soap. Store it in a cool, dry place.

All Bhoof leather products are crafted from naturally tanned leather, by using only vegetable tanning methods. More information can be found in our guide.

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