Bhoof Bridle 1 is designed to provide comfort for your horse during training and competition. The use of lightweight, high-quality leather ensures that it molds gently around the horse’s head for optimal fit.

Includes a washable mesh bag for storage, preserving its condition over time.



  • Thoughtfully designed padding, protecting sensitive areas while minimizing weight.
  • Soft pressure distribution against the horse’s neck and space for the crest.
  • Additional holes in headpiece tailored for an ideal fit.
  • Removable flash strap.
  • Generous browband for better comfort.

” For me, the most important aspect of the bridle is that it fits comfortably on the horse. There must be padding where needed to avoid unnecessary pressure on sensitive areas.” 

Peder Fredricson



We recommend applying leather conditioner or balm before the first use. Repeat with leather conditioner as needed if the leather feels dry.

Do not use oil as the leather already contains high levels of natural oils.

After each use when cleaning the leather, use a damp cloth or sponge with only water to remove dirt and sweat. Soften it with high-quality leather soap. Store it in a cool, dry place.

All Bhoof leather products are crafted from naturally tanned leather, by using only vegetable tanning methods. More information can be found in our guide.

Change the noseband regularly; do not always ride with the same one. This alters the pressure on the top of the nose for the horse. Peder usually has one noseband for training at home and another for competitions. Don’t tighten the noseband too much; you should be able to fit at least two fingers between the noseband and the nose.

Some horses are comfortable without a lower noseband and with this bridle, you can easily remove it. Make sure the browband has a generous fit so it does not pull the headpiece forward and leave pressure on the ears.

Combine with our reins