Bhoof Martingale 1 is designed with slightly smaller martingale rings to prevent them from sliding up on the reins. The rings feature a novel quick-snap design, easily attaching to the reins.

The martingale is padded for comfort on the front pressure points. The use of lightweight, high-quality leather ensures that it molds gently around the horse’s body for added comfort. Includes a washable mesh bag for storage, preserving great condition over time.



  • Crafted with high-quality leather.
  • Equipped with additional holes for an ideal fit.
  • Multiple loops on the girth strap for optimal adjustment.
  • Quick-snap rings.
  • Removable ring parts.

“This is a martingale with closer hole spacing for easier adjustments. It has padding in the front where pressure may occur. The loops are also closer together to prevent the strap under the belly from slipping out and causing disturbance.”

Peder Fredricson


We recommend applying leather conditioner before the first use. If using oil, apply only a small amount of high-quality leather oil on a cloth and wipe the leather.

After each use when cleaning the leather, use a damp cloth or sponge with only water to remove dirt and sweat. Soften it with high-quality leather soap. Store it in a cool, dry place.

All Bhoof leather products are crafted from naturally tanned leather, by using only vegetable tanning methods. More information can be found in our guide.